LED Street Lights

Guiding Paths, Securing Communities

While street lights are generally the municipality’s responsibility, businesses and residential developers can obtain them commercially. For example, university pathways and parking lots need sufficient lighting at night for students’ safety. Large private residential estates or apartment complexes may also benefit from street light installation. LED street lights are ideal for several reasons.

LED Street Light Applications

Like traditional metal halide lights, LED street lights serve a specific function — brightening urban and rural roads and streets for drivers and passengers. Municipalities and city planners are mainly involved in erecting street lights, so they must consider some factors to lower operational costs while keeping streets and residential areas safe.

Several street light types are used for various applications, such as parks, plazas, pathways, main roads, neighborhoods, residential areas, apartment complexes, business parks & corporate complexes.

The location determines the street light design and positioning. For example, pole mount lights are the most popular option for commercial and industrial applications. Post-top lights are more decorative and mounted above poles to illuminate pathways or residential areas.

Advantages of Commercial LED Street Lights

Numerous advantages to installing commercial LED street lights include:

  • A long life span: LED lights are known for lasting 50,000 hours or more. Some last up to 100,000 hours depending on their application requirements.
  • Low maintenance: These lights are fairly easy to maintain but should be checked for damage and degradation and periodically cleaned to maintain brightness.
  • Energy efficiency: Durability, low heat output and long-lasting lumen lighting contribute toward energy savings, making LED street lights an ideal long-term solution.
  • Environmental friendliness: These lights don’t contain mercury and harmful substances, and they can often be recycled, meaning they can help you avoid harming the environment.
  • Improved lighting: LED street lights often have high color rendering, meaning they resemble natural nighttime lighting better than other lighting alternatives. The colors are bright but realistic, improving visibility while reducing light pollution. Check your product specifications for exact lighting details.
  • Smart city technology integration: As technology develops, city infrastructures are increasingly equipped with smart technology to modernize their capabilities. Many LED street lights may be fitted with communication modules and sensors to integrate with smart city technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions About LED Street Lights