LED Canopy Lights

Illuminate Your Welcome

LED canopy lights are an ideal lighting solution for indoor and outdoor spaces. Providing ample, even lighting, these easy-to-install lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and mounting options. Whether you’re looking to illuminate an office space, a museum, a parking garage or a gas station, LED canopy lights are an ideal choice.

About LED Canopy Lighting

LED canopy lighting is typically mounted on outdoor overhangs. Using LED technology, canopy lights provide bright, even illumination ideal for enhancing security. They come with IP-rated enclosures to protect the diodes from dust, water and moisture.

When choosing LED outdoor canopy lights, look at the wattage and lumen output, design and mounting options. For aesthetic reasons, you can also pick based on color temperature — warm white or cool white.

Benefits of LED Outdoor Canopy Lights

LED canopy lighting is a popular option for electrical contractors, property managers, and facility operators. It offers many benefits, such as:

  • Easy installation: Canopy lights take less time to mount on surfaces.
  • Low maintenance: An LED canopy light doesn’t have bulbs that require replacement several times a year. They can last for years without needing maintenance.
  • Versatility: LED canopy lights are great for indoor and outdoor use, and they can fit in most openings. They are also available in different color temperatures, giving you more flexibility in your lighting options.
  • Energy and cost-efficiency: They consume less energy and don’t require frequent maintenance, which translates to bigger savings.
  • Low-profile design: LED lights are sleek and subtle. They get the job done and easily complement design aesthetics.

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Frequently Asked Questions About LED Canopy Lights