Exit Signs

Emergency exit signs are crucial in public and commercial environments. Your business must provide the necessary navigational tools to ensure all occupants’ safety when needed, including exit lighting.

Learn more about emergency exit sign lights, their benefits and how Commercial Lighting Services can cater to your lighting needs.

What You Need to Know About Emergency Exit Sign Lights

Having the right emergency exit signs around your commercial building’s interior is essential to comply with safety regulations. Covering all entry and exit points, these lights must be visible and bright enough to spot from afar.

Most lights are designed for energy efficiency so they consume less energy without losing brilliance. They can also continue shining brightly during power outages.

Having backup emergency exit signs and exit lights also ensures you’re always connected to a lighting source when needed.

Benefits of Emergency Exit Lighting

Being equipped with LED emergency exit sign lights is beneficial for any commercial enterprise. Some advantages are listed below.

  • Safety and security: The main reason for exit lights is to help building occupants navigate to safety during an emergency. Choosing a durable, reliable brand ensures optimal efficiency in these situations. Our signs are legible with bold letters, making them easily read in emergencies. Replacing the battery is easy, as is testing the buttons.
  • High-performance and longevity: LED lights perform better than incandescent solutions and other lights. They last longer and shine brighter.
  • Compliance with safety standards: Our emergency exit lights comply with strict safety regulations, making it easier to pass building compliance requirements.
  • Low maintenance: Exit lights require minimal maintenance and only need their backup batteries replaced periodically — unless they sustain severe damage and must be replaced entirely.
  • Energy savings: Although the initial cost is higher with LED lights, you’ll save money on energy bills long term. These solutions consume less power than traditional lights.
  • Versatile mounting options: These exit signs are suitable for mounting in different spaces and accommodate all structural designs.
  • Visual aesthetic enhancement: Although red emergency lights with LED are more common, green lights are also available. Depending on your preference, you can find them in several colors, enhancing your building’s visual appeal while adhering to safety standards. Color availability also depends on local laws and your building’s safety codes, layout and design.
  • Environmentally friendly: LED lights are toxin-free compared to traditional ones like incandescent bulbs. They’re also recyclable and safer to dispose of. Using them can reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

Trust the Experts for Your Emergency Exit Lights

At Commercial Lighting Services, we have established ourselves as a reputable, dependable source for obtaining your LED emergency exit lights. Our LED lighting solutions offer peace of mind with a 5-year warranty, and we provide same-day shipping so you’re never left in the dark.

Trust us to fulfill your LED emergency exit sign and lighting demand.

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Commercial Lighting Services will meet your needs with our selection of emergency exit lights. We also provide an extensive range of mounting brackets for all your lighting requirements, regardless of the light type.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Exit Lighting