Sport Lighting 750 WATT


Product Dimensions – 16.1″ H* (*height includes bracket) x 15.5″ W x 12.8″ D

Product Weight – 33.51lbs.

This LED sports light is DLC Premium 5.1 rated and may be eligible for additional utility rebates in certain areas.



Sport Light

Replace Metal Halide Outdoor Stadium Lights with Bright, Energy Efficient LED Sports Stadium Lights

Metal halide lights have been used for decades in stadiums. But they are expensive to operate and maintain! If you are in the market for new sports stadium lights that will boast a long life and low energy consumption, this LED Sports Light is for you.

Sports Lights don’t just work for field lighting. There are other common uses for them too. Because they are so bright, have a long lifespan on 50,000 hours, and excellent heat dissipation, they work well for other commercial or industrial applications. Other common applications include parking lots, shipping yards, airports, railways and ports, and other locations that need bright flood or area lighting.

The Benefits of Sports Lighting (Football, Baseball, Soccer Fields, etc.) with LED Stadium Lights or Flood Lights

Lighting is essential for sports venues. It makes it possible to host night games and keeps athletes and sports fans safe. LED stadium lights provide bright, uniform light even in wet conditions like rain and snow. Overall, stadium flood lights make sporting events enjoyable for both the athletes and spectators.

This LED stadium light is suitable for wet locations as it is IP66 rated. It is composed of cold forging aluminum housing with anti-corrosion polyester powder coated finish with an anti-UV PC optical lens. It has a Yingfeite Driver and operates within a wide range of temperatures that includes -40°F to 122°F.

Additionally, this light is ETL Listed and RoHS Compliant. Its aluminum housing makes for excellent heat dissipation.

Additional information

Weight37 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 24 in


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